Experts/ Writers/ Editors on the future of the Chief Information Officer


Share insights on the future of enterprise technology and chief information officers

Anywhere (though big plus to be in Sydney)

Varies from irregular articles to ongoing part-time editors

We publish CIO of the Future, which covers the future of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). We are looking for writers and editors who are highly knowledgeable about enterprise technology and have a strong understanding of the issues facing chief information officers in large organizations.

Writers will write articles of interest to CIOs and others responsible at a senior level for technology in organizations. These will include perspectives on recent news, insights into current issues, and interviews. We are open to regular and irregular contributors, though we highly value the ability to post quickly in the wake of relevant news and developments.

We are also looking for one or more editors who can identify story topics, work with writers, and maintain editorial standards. Editors will always begin with us by writing articles to demonstrate their capabilities and to align with our editorial vision, and will usually continue to contribute articles to the site.

Editors should be able to drive the publication’s social media presence and help develop participation and discussion in an online community that will be launched alongside the web publication.

We are looking for:

  • Solid understanding of enterprise technology, the changing role of IT in organizations, and the issues facing CIOs and senior corporate executives
  • Ability to write clear, compelling, insightful articles
  • Experience with blogging and/ or online writing
  • Good engagement on social media and experience in online communities

Writers will be paid by the article (see details on writer payments), plus a bonus depending on article views. Editors will be paid an hourly rate. All contributors will receive a profit share. We’re happy to discuss pay structures with exceptional people.

Application process:
Please apply on the application form.

Please reference samples of writing that demonstrate a solid understanding of current developments in enterprise technology.

Be sure to read our working principles to understand:

  • Why we believe in talent and expect excellence
  • Lean startup principles
  • How we reward our team, including profit share
  • The application process, including tests, trials, and deeper engagement