Project: Talented developer for WebGL/ 3D Javascript scene


A talented and experienced WebGL programmer to build a prototype 3D interactive presentation.

The project in a nutshell:

An interactive WebGL browser based 3D audio/visual presentation, where the viewer can choose to either ‘play all’ and be guided through the presentation in a linear manner, or choose to navigate through 9 different ‘concepts’ (planets). The presentation is based on The NewsScape framework by Ross Dawson.

All the animation will happen on the camera. The planets and moons continually around each other. Constraints are needed so that the labels in front of the planets and moons face toward the camera at all times, whilst the camera moves from planet to planet. A basic interface is required to allow the user to choose which planet to visit. The user should also be able to visit a planet by clicking on that planet. A short audio clip must play on arriving at each planet.

We think three.js is probably the way to go with this, but are open to alternative suggestions.

Full specification documents are available to promising candidates who can show good examples of previous work with WebGL.

Please apply for this project below including an indicative bid. You will be able to vary the bid once you have seen the full specifications.

We expect to have more work for people with these skill sets, so please apply if this is in your area of expertise.

  • (Note: promising applicants will be provided with the detailed project specifications and then be able to modify their bid if they choose)