Web development project manager/ architect

Developer, Project Manager

Talent and experience in designing scalable open stack web apps and managing external developers

Strongly prefer Sydney, but open to global candidates

Likely 1-2 days per week or project-based

We are undertaking a number of web development projects and are looking for one or more web development project managers who have experience in building the backend for scalable websites. The projects range from small API=based web apps through to complex algorithm-based applications and SaaS platforms.

The focus of the role is in scoping projects, creating detailed specifications, and managing external developers through to implementation.


We are looking for:

  • Broad experience in open source stack technologies. We are open to specialization in PHP frameworks, Ruby on Rails, or Python.
  • Experience in architecting scalable websites.
  • Good experience in using a variety of web APIs.
  • Familar and experienced with project management methodologies.
  • Ability to build good working relationships with, supervise, and QC remote developers.
  • Talent and enthusiasm at algorithms, text analysis, natural language processing, and machine learning will be highly regarded,

Hourly rate plus profit share.

Application process:
Please apply on the application form.

Be sure to read our working principles to understand:

  • Why we believe in talent and expect excellence
  • Lean startup principles
  • How we reward our team, including profit share
  • The application process, including tests, trials, and deeper engagement