How We Pay Team Members


Please read our Why Work For Us? document to understand our underlying philosophy for working with talent, as well as our general approach to pay and rewards.

Evolutionary payment models

We are currently experimenting with a range of models for paying team members. We will continue to evolve and develop those models. Team members should expect changes over time in how they are paid.

We will always structure our payments to ensure that we can attract the most talented people who are aligned with our approach and philosophy. For truly outstanding people we will consider exceptions to standard pay structures.

Profit share structures

All team members who working directly for companies in AHT Group (rather than through a crowdsourcing platform) participate in a profit share structure. We expect to develop more refined mechanisms over time in order to better reflect the value of contributions and to attract the best people.

Profit share overview

At the end of each quarter we calculate profit for each of our projects, calculated as revenue generated minus direct costs of running or developing the project.

Earning points

Each team member is allocated points based on their contribution to the project. Currently one point is earned for either one hour of work or one article contributed. In the case of larger fixed fee projects we will offer a set number of profit share points. We will develop a more refined points allocation structure over time.

Project profit pool

For each individual project, a Project profit pool of 20% of project profits will be distributed among those who contributed to the project, with the share of the pool determined by dividing points earned by the individual by total points earned on by all team members on that project.

Group profit pool

There is an additional Group profit pool that combines revenues and direct costs across all of our projects. From this profit pool 20% will be distributed to those who contributed to any of the projects, with the share of the pool determined by dividing points earned by the individual by total points earned across all our projects.

Points on core projects

When team members work on ‘Core projects’ i.e. those which do not have a direct revenue component, they are allocated double points for their share in the Group profit pool, as they are not participating in any Project profit pools.

Lifetime of points

Since the value of contributions may not be reflected in current quarter revenues, for each quarter team members automatically receive 50% of the points they earned in the previous quarter in addition to any points earned in that quarter for their share in the profit pools, as long as they continue to work for AHT Group.

Project-specific profit share arrangements

Sometimes project leaders e.g. book authors or lead developers will be offered a specific profit share arrangement, for a fixed duration. In this case they do not participate in the broader profit pool, and other contributors share in the profit pool after deduction of the project leader(s) share.

Profit pool supplements

The total profit pool will be supplemented if quarterly revenues exceed targets for the combined services businesses of AHT Group, by a share of revenues over target.

Information sharing

At the end of each quarter relevant profit pool and profit share information will be shared with all team members.

Writer payments

We have a specific set of payment structures for writers. In line with our approach to evolutionary pay models, we expect our writer payment structures to change over time.

Our current writer payment structure has three components:

– Article length. We have two pay rates, for established (Senior) writers and non-professional (Junior) writers, based on the number of original words (not including quoted text) in any article that we accept for publication.

– Article views. We will record article views in the 30 days following publication. If views exceed 1,000 in those 30 days, we will pay $1 for every 100 views in that period. For example, if there are 800 views, there will be no payment. If there are 5,000 views a bonus of $50 will be paid; if there are 15,000 views then $150 will be paid.

– Profit share. As for all team members, writers will be paid a share of profits from their project and across all our projects. See above for details.

Per article pay scales

We pay article writers by the number of original words in each article we accept. In many cases posts will include quotes or an embed such as a video or slides. Only the original words created by the writer are included in the word count.

The task of article writing includes identifying and loading an appropriate image on the post (instructions will be provided). In addition any issues raised by the editor must be addressed before acceptance.

Original words Junior Senior
100-200 words $15 $30
201-400 words $20 $40
401-700 words $25 $50
701+ words $30 $60

[NOTE: $ means US$, except for Australia-based writers where it is A$]

In exceptional cases we may consider a variation to these pay scales.

Longer-form content

For longer-form content such as white papers, reports, and books we will usually offer a fixed fee. If the content is offered for sale we will in addition offer royalties on sales for a fixed period.

Writer owns copyright

In most cases our writer contract specifies that writers retain rights to their work, and work may be republished 30 days after initial publication as long as a reference and link to the website of the original post is included. Note that in some specific situations we will look for transfer of rights.


For web publications writers will be attributed on each article they write with a photo and bio of up to 250 characters plus links to personal website, LinkedIn profile, and Twitter handle, and with an author page including a longer bio. Depending on the specific role we will attribute writers of books and reports as co-authors, senior writers, or writers.