About Us

AHT Group is currently comprised of five companies:

Advanced Human Technologies
Advanced Human Technologies consults to leading organizations globally on success in the network economy, publishes web magazines and high-value reports, creates thought leadership content for clients, and establishes and builds new ventures. It is the hub of the group, running a wide variety of projects and providing support services to other companies in the group.

Future Exploration Network works with leading organizations to explore the long-term future and build robust strategies for success, and helps companies to communicate about the future to their customers.

MemeStreme is a content agency powered by the crowd.

MemeStreme is currently in stealth mode and will be launched shortly.

MultiDimensionCorp specializes in the creation of three-dimensional information interfaces that allow users to convey information in ways that are better suited to our visual brains.

MultiDimensionCorp is currently in stealth mode and will be launched shortly.

The Insight Exchange brings together senior executives to generate valuable perspectives and connections. It focuses on high-level executive roundtables and select larger events on issues at the edge of the future.

AHT Group Business model (click on the image for full-size pdf)