Multi-talented assistant producer for live-streaming show – part-time

Project Manager

Help produce world-class live-streaming shows working with a futurist with global visibility

This is virtual work so can be done from anywhere, but candidates must have substantial overlap with Sydney timezone including early morning (US timezones can be a fit).

Candidates based in Bondi or Sydney will be strongly favoured.

Probably initially 1-2 hours per day, scope could increase as projects develop.

We are looking for a multi-talented production assistant to assist futurist and entrepreneur Ross Dawson to launch and produce a new live-streaming show, The Virtual Excellence Show, focusing on every aspect of virtual work and society.

We need someone experienced, smart, and intensely detail-oriented who can manage live production in a demanding environment.

We have a number of other projects that could potentially also be run or supported by the successful candidate, including additional live-streaming shows, production of other online content, and launching an online community for Bondi Innovation Alliance and other brands.

The successful candidate will most likely have significant experience in live TV production, but could come from other video and online production backgrounds.

Core activities are likely to include:

  • Helping launch a live-streaming show
  • Live-managing the production of a weekly live-streaming show
  • Researching and co-ordinating assets and footage
  • Generating, researching, scripting and producing segment ideas
  • Running audience-building initiatives
  • Co-ordinating social media activity
  • Working with designers and project specialists
  • Managing relationships with high-profile interview guests
  • Helping build compelling website content and engaged online communities
  • Other assorted tasks and projects


The core capabilities we are looking for are:

  • Has worked in TV or professional video production, or possibly in related content project management
  • Immersed for years in virtual platforms and work, including strong familiarity with video conferencing, project management, and other remote collaboration tools
  • The ability to conceive, script and produce production ideas
  • Strong design sense
  • Ability to do simple video editing
  • Ideally, experience with OBS or other live-streaming tools
  • Extremely reliable and responsive

Hourly rate.

Application process:
All applications must be made on our application form.

Be sure to read our working principles to understand:

  • Why we believe in talent and expect excellence
  • Lean startup principles
  • How we reward our team
  • The application process, including tests, trials, and deeper engagement

We may offer promising candidates paid trials.