Why Work For Us?

Key principles

We believe in talent

We believe that in the world there are a small minority of absolutely awesome people who have the imagination and skills to create extraordinary things. If that’s you, we want to work with you.

Flexible part-time work

We are building a global distributed organization based primarily on flexible part-time work. There are many people who for all sorts of reasons, including family, studies, ventures, or jobs, are looking for challenging and rewarding part-time work. We offer work opportunities to talented people who want flexibility.

Lean startups

We are an entrepreneurial group that is working to establish and build a wide variety of ventures. To enable these projects to happen we need to contain costs in the startup phases. We reward those who drive profitable projects.

Pay and rewards

Financial rewards

Please see our How We Pay Team Members page for details of our payment structures, including specific structures for writer payments.

In general, we have four main basic pay structures:
– By the hour
– By the piece (e.g. blog post)
– Fixed price project
– Monthly retainer

We have expected pay levels for each structure, but will sometime take bids for hourly or fixed price work or run competitions, and will be flexible to attract the right people.

Non-financial rewards

We aim to pay well where possible. However the people we want to work with are those who want to work with us for other reasons in addition to the pay. We seek to offer:
Exciting work: We are looking to explore and create the future in all of our ventures.
Flexibility: We can usually offer a high degree of flexibility with amount and timing of work.
Visibility: We aim to give full credit for work, and help contributors to gain global visibility for their expertise.
Learning: We want to develop people’s skills by exposing them to new ideas and challenges.

Process for joining the team


The usual first step after assessing applications and portfolios is to invite candidates to do some brief tests as a preliminary assessment of capabilities.

Paid trials

We always begin by trialling people with paid small tasks or micro-projects. If those trials go well we give them larger projects or ongoing work for a period, during which time we will assess next steps for the relationship.


We have VERY high standards, so do not apply unless you thrive in a highly demanding environment. On accuracy and attention to detail, our basic standard is perfection. Anything that is visible to the public should meet world-class standards for professionalism.

Deeper engagement

Once we have a well-established working relationship we will look to collaboratively design roles and opportunities that best suit people’s talent and experience, and have the highest chance of generating good profit shares. In select cases these will involve equity participation in new ventures.


We sometimes run competitions. Because we want to attract the best to participate, we use competition structures that provide rewards to all quality contributors.


Sydney and global roles

We are primarily based in Bondi Beach, Australia. For some roles we prefer people in Sydney. Other roles can be done from anywhere globally. People working in global roles must overlap with Sydney hours.

How we will develop the model

Continual evolution

We intend to continually evolve our business model so we can attract and suitably reward the most exceptional people. Come back to keep posted on how the model evolves.

AHT Group vision and values

Below are our vision and values, that we seek to bring to life in everything we do.

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